Niall Griffiths was born in Liverpool to a Welsh/Irish/Romany lineage. He's been a labourer, a barman, a server of fish and chips, a burglar, a farmhand, a tree feller, a factory worker and many other things too tedious to relate. Now, he's a full-time writer, living at the foot of a mountain in mid-Wales, with seven novels published, several works of non-fiction and more short stories and radio plays and travel pieces and reviews than he cares to, or possibly even can, count.

His fourth novel, Stump, won the Wales Book of the Year Award. A film adaptation of his third novel, Kelly+Victor, won a BAFTA. He's now working on the screenplay for his sixth, Wreckage, and a new novel, called Broken Ghost.

Niall is an honorary professor at Wolverhampton University, where he has joined the Creative Writing program.
Niall is represented by David Miller of Rogers, Coleridge & White, Ltd. literary agency.